Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pass by all is to ask person big representative

Correct breeze to do according to the strange set county pair together director introduction, develop democracy to review an argument government already and popular a breeze activity for several years towards producing with crowd living closely-related section, but pass net up measure to review still first.Pass by all is to ask person big representative, the representative of the Chinese People is Political Consultative Conference and crowd to measure to review, definitely limit sex;Measure to review on the net be three review the style construction and concrete behavior of unit Be placed to sunlight bottom, to three review adjudicating of unit style the power hand over to crowd and urge each section of all levels change style, lift high performance.
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
People net Zhao give or get an electric shock(Kang quiet Xu Yuan Feng) "I appeal that the nation is greatly developing process in the whole lately a west, to western policy with special set, first is reform finance and tax system" on December 16, the north greatly teaches fierce with rather mean while accepting medium interview, he is a Yunnan Zhao on the 16th"the third poor region in China can keep on to develop a strategic forum" for holding up say this time words.

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