Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the home Be smoking and chatting

Tell a reporter according to some a Chinese people and owner Yins in the bar:"The person whom Spain smokes is so many, the living habit is to take out, have a chat at the bar in the spare time.Now pours well, the government promotes cigarette price, and then stipulates to disallow to smoke in situation like this in the bar, does this not make the customer go to front door to outside smoke?This is big cold sky of of who would like to be foolish at the door, make like this who would like to also come to bar to consume, with it not the ability smoke in the bar, chat, rather buy a few wine in the supermarket, in the home Be smoking and chatting."(Xu Kai)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
The Xinhua news agency Brussels gives or gets an electric shock the member of committee that the European Commission is responsible for an employment and social business on December 16 Weng Duo Er say on the 16th, owing to EU is inshore to still have currently more than 8000 myriad people are placed in narrow circumstances to moderate a social marginalization of quilt, among them quarter is a child, EU set in aftertime to help 2000 myriad people to get away from at least for 10 years poor and integrate into a social development target.This is the first time EU sets to reduce a poor number target.

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