Sunday, January 2, 2011

The central part faces west a department to push forward

Some poor noodles big and poor degree in region in the west are deep, with lend the strength of oneself very difficult solution poor problem.Is fierce to rather think, the nation should is helped poverty elimination in the west with the policy and reforms a finance and tax system in 25 programmings, the cent tax system is already unsuitable for a current circumstance.He says that the west is a region of resources abundance, the resources should have Chang exploitation, not the ability is just resources exportation and stay to the west of is a mineral pit and discard a residue forever.
For hand a poverty problem, fierce to rather say:"My standpoint is to should adopt allied net radiation strategy, not the gradient pushes forward strategy."He says that the nation adopt a gradient to push forward strategy over a long period of time in the past, the east pushes forward to the central part, the central part faces west a department to push forward, the reality is seen, and this way effect isn,t too good.But adoption allied net radiation strategy, be like black receive a slice of Chongqing of area, Chengdu and proper center cities, such as guest, Lu state, Guiyang, Zun righteousness and Kunming...etc. can at national unify the premise of programming under allied become net, set up very black receive of a slice of area poor county City transportation, work well a water conservancy resources development etc., the effect will be better.

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