Tuesday, January 4, 2011

But this way of doing didn

According to understand, Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs once take"promoting was economic and environmental protection", "guarantee the citizen was healthy" as cigarette markup to look for reason, but this way of doing didn,t acquire the comprehension of Spanish large smoke people.On the contrary, for two years inside the cigarette rise is up to many EUR 1, the smoke people widespreadly thinks the reason that Ministry of Economic Affairs searches completely BE"1 kind for solving an economy decline, filling up public finance loophole but again have no the false performance of effect."
Be worry ground to tell a reporter according to a smoke store owner of Ba Sai is city center:"Now this kind of economic condition, the government still promotes price, and the range is so big, let the cigarette have already become luxury goods.Plus the smoking ban method that will practice right away, say is promote economy, in fact this kind of way of doing absolutely wants to make us unemployed!"

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