Thursday, December 30, 2010

Actively match with develop west two wreath underground road constucting

"25" infrastructures that the west city area draws up currently program and include virtuous win a science and technology park, financial street, western list the development layout of the business district, the overpass show business industry spaces, such as area and big palisades traditional business district...etc..But is studying currently of west two wreath the underground road item then can availably link parts of function areas, to improvement west the city area transportation environment has important meaning.
Zhou Nan Sen suggests that the west city area is combining track circuit construction for"25" periodses, effectively integrate the development exploitation of underground space, actively match with develop west two wreath underground road constucting, and work well to design, construction of to connect a work.

Design personnel and expert just in the other party case and carry on with meticulous care research and science argument

According to the introduction, design a personnel currently the research established the project of several things two wreath underground express lines, current deeply cover up a project, also is shallow to cover up a project;The circuit heads for aspect and has the project to be located in currently thing two wreath road undergrounds;Also have choose two wreath road neighborhood of other roads Be underground to run parallel with two wreath pavings at it.Because of the importance of the engineering, design personnel and expert just in the other party case and carry on with meticulous care research and science argument.
West two wreath tunnels
Will connect west city several function areas
Come from the information of the Wei of city programming to suggest, for carry out city Wei and city hall concerning well make use of an underground tunnel perfect city network, break through to break profession, increment south the north effectively push to the designation spirit of passage west two wreaths expect to work before the underground road engineering, recently, the city programs Wei pair director week Nan Sen and west city area pair ward chief the beam Chang lately studied together west city area"25" periods the infrastructure constucting.

Currently end project still not yet finished

This report Xun is asking for the Peking transportation of opinion to cure a project to put forward, Peking will program to constuct core area southern northern underground express line and start work construction in 2011 west two wreaths, east two underground express line engineerings like wreath,etcs.The reporter understood from the related section yesterday, the programming design of thing two wreath underground express line engineerings project was establishing, had already had several projects to fully choose currently.
Is latest to make progress
Thing two wreath tunnel several projects fully choose
The reporter understands from the related section, the programming of thing two wreath underground express line engineerings, designing has been already started, is studying to establish a concrete design project, currently end project still not yet finished, anticipating will complete in the next year last half year.

Underground tunnel engineering

Book a circumstance according to the student, the railroad section will adopt to add to school begins to living particularly measures like row,etc and satisfy a student to go by car a need.After spring carries to start, each station will set up student is ticket in the station is particularly.
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
Chinese engineering, hospital academician of Qian Qi Hu, our famous underground engineering expert
From now on, Peking City will program to constuct core area southern northern underground tunnel and start work construction in 2011 west two wreaths, east two wreaths, west mountain tunnel etc. underground tunnel engineering.
-《Peking City concerning push forward strength for enlargement for development for science for transportation for capital city to alleviate transportation to hug the opinion of blocking up the work further 》 (ask for an opinion draft)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The notice points out with meticulous care arranging crowd the festival material cultural life

The notice points out with meticulous care arranging crowd the festival material cultural life.To actively organize a source guarantee an important commodity market supply, ensure that the supply doesn,t take off to sell, continuously file.Put forth effort to work well a price stability work, point stroke malice hoard, rise price and become mutually markup, conspire illegal behaviors like markup,etc.To strengthen a food, drugs safety to take charge of to point district, point the link carry on particularly an item to enforce the law a check, scathing stroke each kind of break the law to conduct behavior.To strengthen the coal electricity oil spirit luck supply and demand to link up work well with crowd living closely-related supply water, power supply, provide oil, provide spirit and provide a warm work.Want to enrich and active the festival period city country residents, culture live and arrange good broadcasting movie television program, as usual open public-spirited sex cultural facilities, extensively develop a cultural activity of crowd.The activity that wants to continue to be thorough to develop "three go to the country" of culture, science and technology and health.To enlarge cultural management in the market and enforce the law strength go deep into to develop "the porn raid beats not" work, determinedly forbid vulgar, cheap, Mei vulgar cultural performance and spread rotting culture, objection and boycott a feudalism superstition activity.Want to strongly restructure to travel with norm festival a market, determinedly check the behavior of a disturbance order in the tour market.

Want to adopt the effective measure solution business enterprise to bear debt officers and workers

The notice emphasizes that all levels party the Wei and government wants according to the deployment and request of the center and arranges a basic life of very difficult crowd.The all levels leadership staff wants to go deep into to be grass-roots, thorough crowd, particularly want to go deep into to go in the disaster region, poor region and difficult crowd, firm delicately do very fluently public sentiment and solve people is sorrow, people-benefit rare real fact.To hard carry out each social guarantee system ensure that the business enterprise leaves basic old age pension, unemployment insurance and city of retiree the residents, lowest life of country guarantee gold the foot sum issue on time and ensure to excellent fondle object, city country and protect low object, village five protect and bring up object, greatly medium particularly the price of college the etc. difficult community of family economic difficult student subsidize and issue in time at the time good enough, practical work well old reply a member soldier, living the difficulty turn an industry and reply a member soldier, maim a soldier, soldier strong belong to and etc. points to be excellent to fondle an object and labors model and advanceds worker and leaves and rests going and seeing of personnel etc. and sends greetings a work.Want arrange pleasurable crowd winter spring in disaster region life as an important task, appropriate rescue to relieve funds and issue a rescue style thing in time, quickly pour the Sun common people is houses instauration reconstruction because of the disaster, carefully solve the disaster crowd is food, dress drive, residence, keep warm, medical treatment etc. problem, specially want to promise jade tree, and boat song...etc. heavy crowd is safety in the disaster area pass the winter.Want to adopt the effective measure solution business enterprise to bear debt officers and workers, wages especially farmer work wages problem, carry out very each employment to support and help a policy.Want to extensively develop sending of various formseses to be warm and dedicate benevolence and wishes service activity, and ensure to donate a style of thing in time such as number issue difficult crowd is hand.

Greet Communist Party of China and establish 90 anniversaries by excellent result

(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
Is medium to do a country to do to send out a notice to have practical request to work well New Year is Day Chinese New Year period concerning work
Ensure national each clansmen people spends a merriment, peaceful, the festival of hospice
The Xinhua news agency Peking on December 26 give or get an electric shock recently, win totally central office, State Department office to work well in 2011 New Year is Day and relevant work to send out a notice Chinese New Year period.
The notice points out that hard work well festival each work ensure that national each clansmen people spends a merriment for period, peaceful, quiet and peaceful of festival, for thorough carry out science development view, practical"25" periods working well in 2011 each work, ensuring a realizations are good to open a bureau, seize overall construction middle-class family social new victory, greet Communist Party of China and establish 90 anniversaries by excellent result, have important meaning.

"sell a ticket is personal behavior

Always, spring the spot audience late the ticket is all that one is been difficult to beg, done not more never once hear where still have something to sells.Can unexpectedly appear the invitation card that the 30,000 dollars costliness sells "spring night admission ticket" on the net recently.The hair person means to get hold of 3 admission tickets, anticipating will be selling a to get empty for for the domestic sale 10 days.
Hurriedly refute a rumour, that is false, the spring night play set means, spring the admission ticket late haven,t opened to print and only present guest, and they have never authorized an individual to sell admission ticket.Peddle one matter to the network, spring the aspect late have already known this matter, "sell a ticket is personal behavior, with we the play set is irrelevant.The spring night admission ticket right and wrong sells an article, for this person behavior we already and police is contact, and just in the middle of registering for the record and investigating".

(Reporter Meng Nuo and Fu double Qi and Huang Yi also participated in manuscript to adopt to write)
(Responsibility editor

National college of administration professor Wang Yu Kai said that premier Wen Jia Bao passes radio station and crowd to interact exchanges, is the embodiment that Chinese government extends a public sentiment outlet further, answer ask concretely meticulous arrive the crowd is daily intravenous drop life, this with make people the center of ruling the principle is consistent.(Reporter Meng Nuo and Fu double Qi and Huang Yi also participated in manuscript to adopt to write)
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
Win the wide December 26 news in net Peking report according to voice 《news night high peak 》 of China, is already December 26 now, again have several days to is 2011, also could not have for two months, the Yang sees of the spring in rabbit year late again be starting meeting with you on the screen.If you see online, the Yang sees spring the admission ticket late can reserve, ox not Rao, can,t your meeting believe?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After developing opposite Zhi

Autonomy state in Yi plough Kazakhstan in Xinjiang of more than 4000 kilometers been apart from is the treasure ground of Xinjiang, declare"beyond the frontier Chiang-Nan", its area is about the half of Jiangsu province, though the weather reckons in Xinjiang good, after developing opposite Zhi, its economy is its GDP cannot compares with 1% in Jiangsu province just for 34,000,000,000 dollars in 2009.
And be partial to reside southwest Cape another corner of Xinjiang of gram Zi Lei Su Ke Er Ke Zi autonomy state, geography position is getting more secluded, the natural environment does evil more inferior, the economy development temporary doesn,t wait flourishing province to compare with Jiangsu it after showing Zhi more, even if in Xinjiang, gram state of person all GDP be also only average for whole area horizontal 1/3.

Its provincial capital Nanking City

(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win new net Urumqi to give or get an electric shock(reporter, Wang Jin, livings) delta region in Yangtze River importance as one of Chinese economy development group leaders to constitute part on December 25, Jiangsu would is from thou rich ground of, Qian Cang of the land of plenty, heaven on earth and country, its provincial capital Nanking City, is already six dynasty thou all, the ancient town park of Suzhou add, Wuxi of too lake scene, river in the town is monastery forest, Yang state of Chinese culture Tang, province galaxy of talent in Jiangsu, for many years Mi joss-stick.After reform opens, its economy develops more sturdy, 2009, huge province GDP already 3.4 dollar Reminbi in Jiangsu, the economic total amount has already gone into the row of three As in China.

Want of and draw up all levels student person in each kind of school all the budget standard have overall meaning and draw up these standards and carry out well

The article said that drew up to living all education budget standard, look just a work of technique level, but to solution above-mentioned everywhere noodles problem meaning graveness.Be advantageous to from here control the all levels government systemizes assurance higher education budget thus of devotion with steady increase, be advantageous to promote education fair, promote different each kind of high school in the district of the development of opposite well balanced, be advantageous to extending a high school to do to learn independent power, for build up modern university system and educator to do to learn, the special feature do to learn to create a condition, also be advantageous to reform an education administration management method and help the education administration to manage a section of promoting of Lian government construction and management level.Want of and draw up all levels student person in each kind of school all the budget standard have overall meaning and draw up these standards and carry out well, not only can make the education budget of significant increment get reasonable allotment and use, but also can create good condition for working out the complicated problem of check and supervision education development.Therefore, should is the key that the orientation carries out 4% targets this work to raise Cuo to put forth effort to grasp, practical push higher education reform and healthily development.

Monday, December 27, 2010

70 year agos

70 year agos, Kunming is to fight the invading army rear, the supplies gathers to spread, the cluster Be wise to finish into, declare"small Hong Kong".
7 year agos, the Yunnan province Wei and provincial government decides and constucts "modern new Kunming"!
"25" will soon open a bureau, carry out "bridgehead" strategy in Yunnan province, Kunming just and quickly constucts "guide China to face to an international city of southwest open space", brave sign to open tide of head, remould history brilliancy.
Visit spring city in winter, Kunming became a very hot big workplace!Medium Mian oil the windpipe reveal soil to begin to work, the conjunction southwest passes in and out the vital point engineering of territory international railroad to step up construction, our country the fourth airport Xu certainly need to be flown, four subway circuits together the head stand into.

Bowl and dish pot

Research according to the expert, the last home into bury soon, then is stolen Rao, still have part to rob remaining with bury an article to sprout, have the porcelain and ceramics heap the Su soul bottle, 罍 and bottle, bowl and dish pot, copper to wash etc., have the eastern man end and Three Kingdoms Sun Wu of typical model it hand over of age characteristic.
The comprehensive last home buries form system and sprout keepsake, can judge this to bury for Three Kingdoms last home burying, namely 3rd centry A.D. first half leaf of last home.The last home is age is opposite explicit, definite identity, the specification is higher, have important of academic value.Win new net hair summer Yi to shoot
(Responsibility editor:renyue)
More than 700 year agos, Italian trip house horse can wave Luo praise highly Kunming:"A magnificent big city!"

Long You Xuan in Zhejiang discovers Three Kingdoms last home

Hong Kong enters place to mean and closes till 5:00 p.m. on the 25th, there are totally 39.3 departures in Hong Kong, 22.75 inbound.Among them, Luo shore in Hukou exits from country for 14.5, inbound is 7.9.
The inbound place means that Luo lake control station of person is fluency agreeable, need about 10-15 minutes to carry out to pass a procedure, appeal that busy time that Hong Kong people avoid in the evening is in transit.
(Responsibility editor:renyue)
Recently, Long You Xuan in Zhejiang discovers Three Kingdoms last home.According to understand, the last home is located in the Qu state summer gold village mountain in square is house of Long You Xuan, Zhan Jia Zhen, , the last home is scale is huge, and the last home pit grows 14.7 meters.Constructing is fashionable, tightly stick pit wall popular build"green cream mire" with seal completely, dry environment inside the last home.The last home room of brick room, grow 12.4 meters, is a pair of Yong the front of the way, empress room structure, front the room line coupon crest, empress the room Zong row coupon crest.The of front and back room is linked with Yong way.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tan Hua

"She none of one steps back,
I with what want to back!"
Yesterday, reporter and many crowds all advised him:"Do not keep Zhao like this".The reporter has following dialogue with him.
Reporter:Give up is also a kind of choice, back one-step boundless as the sea and sky.Don,t you wish to back an one step?
Tan Hua:She none of one steps back, I with what want to back!
Reporter:Men and women is feelings is very delicate, didn,t you feel to do to have a little "is pressing Fan" like this?
Tan Hua:I didn,t harass her family, didn,t even kill her viewpoint and activity and at most sit in silence a protest on the whole.
Reporter:All say that the melon that is strong to twist isn,t sweet, even if as a result like what you expected, are you happy?
Tan Hua:These matter I take no account of, the matter that I have to do now, be want to wait she to say matter to know.

T harass the family of Jing Jing and also never knock on door or cause trouble at the house of Jing Jing

"He doesn,t over there insist on dark night of dividing the daytime to stay by the side the window sill of other people is house, we the Lang advise him not to listen to."People Jing adds.Be investigated by first step, doubt a Tan Hua Gen girl friend the Jing Jing exists feelings quarrel, girl friend already definitely declare is not likely to be as friendly as he.
Now, Tan Hua ties the business of Zhai at the Jing Jing veranda opposite Anne is camp in house and makes the local government and police have some headaches:He doesn,t harass the family of Jing Jing and also never knock on door or cause trouble at the house of Jing Jing, the police takes him to also have no a way.Everyone is worried that he is endured hunger by jelly to die in strange place foreign land very much.
Up to last night the reporter sent report, Tan Hua continues be like a few days ago so, with the baggage made Zhen sleep on the sidewalk, face dynasty the Jing Jing window sill in the house ……

This is their 3 time inside several days please Tan Hua to police substation and want to provide to help to him

"I not am to fast, also not try to commit suicide, it is real to can not eat any more any thing.If I try to commit suicide, it is an easy and happy matter to jump off a building.……"Tan Hua is Peng the autumn livings of noodles, reveal that he believes that the one day there will of Jing Jing will seek him to say affair to know.Moreover he emphasizes, probably can,t arrive that day, but he "be mendicant and also wants to wait".
According to know, Tan Hua is parents all the year lead 60 years old, also don,t know that he seeks the business that the Jing Jing sleeps street.He says that he doesn,t dare to think that the parents know in the condition of foreign land, what kind of does the meeting clench heart.
Police is government is very helpless
Worry he starves with cold foreign land
Yesterday afternoon, the police rounded a view to gradually spread after justing came in the always new police substation to Tan Hua.Turn on duty people Jing to say, this is their 3 time inside several days please Tan Hua to police substation and want to provide to help to him, be refused.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Walk to the segment to praise in front

way:"Younger brother, give you, I feel you hereafter affirm fierce, I also want 1 and prepare to join your mercenary soldier regiment at any time."Say from in take out 1, leave all to pass to segment fame."Welcome, fear an elder sister to abandon by that time.Don,t dare to come."The segment fame once connects badge and found out oneself, that the chief is badge and give°ed moreover severals 5 people, still remain the badge of a vice- chief in the hand, took a look, accepted into own ring inside.Is this for a while, come to disaster.See segment fame so big four use a space ring, the original beauty means to say of, but segment hand for praising too quick, already late, this not, at the right moment on greatly walking here person is facing, walk at the most anterior of that is the one-eyed person.The shoulder up carries a big sword.Walk to the segment to praise in front, way:"Boy, I want to duel with you."The segment fame looking at that person, way:"You are who, why do I want to duel with you.Dueling you can give me what, are this big sword for you."If"ha ha, " hears segment fame, the whole field was led a big pair of laughter.That person obvious one Nu, drink a track:"I heel you wager life, if I won, the ring in your handle knob gave I, if you won, I with you how dispose of, kill and pare off, with you is then."The segment praises shoulder one Song, way:"Having can not, by that time since departure the regrets went."Say to take out own method Zhang, toward that:"Go to an outside, isn,t the situation for fighting here."Finish saying, oneself walked first to go out.There is very big square outside the mercenary soldier association, is already that the person is cheap nfl jerseys full to bring trouble here at this time, the people yell, in the center two cheap nfl jerseys people square off, one is fame, one is that challenger just.Saw one eye is that person, the segment praised a way:"Regret to still go now, if wait for a second, I don,t promise."It was full of overbearing pride in the tone.It absolutely is annoying that person."Empress what regrets, bothersome, beat."Once that sword private is words finish saying, raise the sword facing segment fame chops down to go, the segment praises with once the hand flick, an ice absolute being guards to appear in the in front, together thin thinly protected a cover to protect a segment to praise, the sword private is sword heavily chopped down in the top, can not enter a very small amount."Shout!"The spot one is surprised to shout, the segment praises a moment to send out a five class sorceries, and the ice absolute being guards!Being shocking is absolutely shocking, even if is seven class sorceries the teacher can not so literally send out the sorcery of five class high levels, either.They need to read to curse of, but just the segment praises obvious mouth and then dided not move, starts up to now all BE.The segment fame is evil to smile a , way:"Still want to come?You beat not to win mine, I see you return to for several years at the self-discipline, can probably also win me, still don,t think now.Roll!!"While speaking, the segment fame is that once the hatchet man

"You go up name label now

those mercenary soldiers walk to, stand on the front of those mercenary soldiers, the segment fame didn,t talk, but directly made use of a kind of magic trick, once this magic trick carry, and present mercenary soldiers all feel that a pressure follows.Seeming what oneself faced isn,t a person, but absolute being dragon, spirit.Angel.In fact this magic trick is mainly a test, a person whether the soul is clean and pure, the segment fame doesn,t need the person of soul improbity, person like that not teach, in case mistake own important event.This magic trick makes use of of time, at the association upper level is having a few old men is lookinging at, their passing a sorcery video frequency is seeing, all of each are superiors, see the segment praise this skill, their eyes all the Mi got up, at this time really true talented person!!Elite!Light a vehemence exceled so many together class monk, it is thus clear that this person is spirit fix for very Gao, general of the person basically can not do it these.The segment praises once the method Jue accept, the inside of those people still leaves five people, didn,t fall flop, they even a drop of sweat all have no, don,t know nearby of person how pour, their felling have no the matter is similar.These three males of two females of five people are just all young handsome.Having no one is long of bad.The text chapter 44:Hunt absolute being mercenary soldier regiment(beg cheap nfl jerseys to collect, recommend)Looking at at present 5 people, the segment praises a to smile, way:"Congratulate you, you formally become the member who hunts absolute being mercenary soldier regiment, I am your chief, yellow pure, very happy know you."Those don,t pick out of, far away walking of head disappointment.5 people together track:"Yellow chief good.""Good."The segment praises a to smile, then once the hand put and toward 5 people, way:"You go up name label now, later the mercenary soldier regiment depended everyone."Shook to shake the sorcery tectonic plate in the hand.Hence several person is labels negotiate.Two females one is Zhao Mei.The another a calls clear water.Three men call respectively:Gram in the Ai.Thunder.Wins and.Tai star.Gram in the Ai is a half-breed, so calls a gram in the Ai.Thunder.It isn,t the name of really true segment emperor dynasty.See several person is labels like contract, the segment praised and then gaved tectonic plate that beauty, way:"Bother you now."The beauty once connects a sorcery tectonic plate and said with smile:"If really there is sincerity, hereafter invite an elder sister to have meal, I can expect very much, don,t keep me waiting long."The segment praises a to smile, way:"That is a matter of course, if wait for a second and then go to."Beauty way:"Do not go, etc. will still occupy and see an elder sister next time, the elder sister is telling you the name."The saying praises a seductive eyes for segment and walked into stage behind, have no how long, she came out, there are still on the hand a few badges, up is a sword, hunt absolute being sword!!The beauty passes the badge to the segment to praise,

Accompany me to choose Bai

name of large unit of label, the regiment badge, also has results to show the name of member, I shout a person for you."Said to walk into a behind a room, have no a short while hall inside ring out a female voice of daintiness:"Everyone respects of warrior, have a mercenary soldier regiment that just established now, five classes, need important person urgently now, the warriors, have intention to is stage to register, arrive first to get first."The words just fell in, the hall was a burst of to cause a sensation, morrow greatly of person is facing rushed through here, the segment praised to still really get a fright, these people were really too crary, hurriedly averted from a little, and finding out a corner has already filled in data.That beauty came out at this time and saw the segment fame contemplate of appearance, way:"How, can not figure out to come?Wanting don,t the elder sister think for you?"The segment praised a title to see one eye, way:"That need not, " says to wave hand to write the name of mercenary soldier regiment on the sorcery tectonic plate.The name wants ~only two words:Hunt absolute being.But that nfl jerseys regiment badge then his hunt absolute being sword.Write good, now bad mercenary soldier.Let go of the pen in the hand, the segment fame towards that beauty and says:"Now bad soldier, accompany me to choose Bai.""Good."The beauty doesn,t know as well oneself is how, the segment praises a to ask her to promise without hesitation.Facing

Monday, December 20, 2010

His 2 people has a conversation very and quickly and also draws the attention of dancing the Mei and dance English 2 people at the same time

thin skin delicate meat.His 2 people has a conversation very and quickly and also draws the attention of dancing the Mei and dance English 2 people at the same time.Two sisters cautiously conjecture be held by Tang Yin of remaining still, the clothes that see him, 2 people then can make sure, he at rather the identity of the country the affirmative abnormality is noble, particularly the waist hydrology belt for fastenning, that only rather the king talented person in the temple can carry and plus Yuan Kui and call him as his highness, in two publics Mo of on moving, , he is nearby rather a king of person?PS:Thankful everyone for long time to pursue a wave, to six support!Be worth at the moment that 《Tang Yin at difference boundary 》 upload, pursue wave annual convention in 2009 the qualifications greatly send out, as long as you take part in six new book surveys and announce a wish namely have an opportunity to acquire pursue wave 2009 every year meeting qualifications.This activity will random draw out a member of annual convention who is free to take part in to pursue a wave and random draw out the member of the chapter of all VIPs of 5 free reading 《Tang Yin at difference boundary 》s, more organic will acquire and six opportunities to totally enter dinners!(Draw prizes an only limit VIP member!And have to first at lord the station register!)The movable chain|20100122|tyyjn.phpAnnounce 2, having interest can go into!The editor is managing!Tang Yin is in the difference boundary a flock(is super cluster of) of cluster:54912346, recruit a VIP member, enter cluster piece diagram!The importation pursues a wave while adding a group of verifications member!The author doesn,t go into!Tang Yin at difference boundary 2 flock(is deluxe cluster of) of cluster:22333019, the author doesn,t go into!The second gathers chapter 27Rely on the quality of Tang Yin someone in the hand, dance Mei to drink Authentic NFL Jerseys to open to surround at on all sides rather soldier, urge a horse to arrive at the front of Tang Yin Jin, work properly knife in the hand remaining still of nose, the Ning voice asks a way:"Are you who?""I …… I ……" remaining still timid as Authentic NFL Jerseys a mouse, Tang Yin is scared out of wits what he frightenned and come to again at this time the whole body overlay work properly the enemy of Kai will, the body trembles more badly, stammer could not say words.Dance Mei which have a mood to listen to

Thursday, December 2, 2010

She unwilling to partly looking at a face up full is fixing of she is tears Luo

happy day, thank you.Fix Luo."Say, the star evil spirit flows tears, lowly head, kissed once finally this beloved man to her, then carefully looking at the face of fixing Luo, is like the noodles that wants him to permit, printing of integrity into own brain general.Finally, she unwilling to partly looking at a face up full is fixing of she is tears Luo, one step onesteply the countermarch wear, finally, she a cruel, rushed out room.The destiny plays joke on chapter 77 to break an agreementOutdoors, what to wait a star evil NHL Jerseys spirit is her father, there is also beautiful the star of part, at this time, star the United States has already known the affair that fixs an of Luo and her elder sister as well, the star says clearly:"Is so all right?Time still has 1:00, you can need more a short while with him again.""If don,t walk again, I was worried about me and then had no this decision to leave him."The star evil spirit after wiping wipe face the last tears says, " waits to fix Luo to bother you to hand over to him this letter after waking up, then, bother a father, you advise him more, never make him play the ass.I walked father, there is also younger sister, you have to look after good you."The figure that looking at a daughter, the star helplessly shook to shake head clearly, he could comprehend that the heart of his own daughter is how painful at this time, he hates bitterly his inability very much at this time, if at that time, he could disregard ground and determinedly opposed this wedding, that now, his daughter probably don,t need to bear with this kind of heart,such as knife, to cede territory taste, but at this time, more let what him worried is in a dream to still fix Luo, he really doesn,t know how to go to and comfort this boy.In fact a day ago, the star evil spirit promised and fixed Luo to leave, just she momentary of impulse, in returning to the road of reporting her father, she thoughted of, if oneself left, being not only own father and younger sister will have life danger, connect leave together with her of fix Luo also very dangerous, hence, she found out her father and told a star clear she with fix Luo is affair, please a father, let she and fix Luo to thoroughly treat last a day, then, she let the star buy a fan medicine clearly, is also that cup to hand over cup wine and let to fix Luo to sleep now.While fixing Luo to wake up, be still full of happy smiling face on the face, he is over to know nothing a way, wait for his, will be a day a great blow.After fixing Luo to come out room, the star walks clearly to his in front, passed the letter of star evil spirit to fix in Luo is

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The socalled current affairs is impermanent

action moves to let public is all one Leng, even feeling that mysterious voices is strange, Huang Zhen can cannot help but, originally cheap nfl jerseys he with the was called green Zhi of not to the dish, roar loud a way at the moment:"Green Zhi!You this rabbit Zai son, the adult has to go at talking you where!"The green Zhi originally touches the hand of running into the door tiny stagnation, he suddenly became overdo to mercilessly see Huang Zhen Yi is eye, and Huang Zhen Bei is this eye unexpectedly saw stare blankly!The green Zhi quietly looking at Huang Zhen, the look in the eyes slowly changes back mild.The youth speaks slowly a way:"My nature is the awakening that looks for me!Want to be not how I take part in this war?"Finish saying, the green Zhi ignores others again and starts to pull door screen, leave warehouse, but Huang Zhen Liang is eyeses still keep keeping surprised status, until for a long time Huang Zhen just instauration come over.Just didn,t know why, when the green Zhi sees him, he unexpectedly has a kind of imitate a Buddha have already departed from this life to go to hell a general felling by himself/herself.Just that voice but spread to:"Let him go to, you hereafter don,t ask for him, he is that we is a very big ally."Heard the order of mysterious voice, public 11 should be, Huang Zhen also returns to absolute being, just just of the eye but left in his in the mind shadow.The green Zhi of warehouse, quietly looking at the sky, always the hand is tiny to tinily cover sunlight, he looking at a firmamental sun, and eyes in ice blue imitate a Buddha to have one the silk the light sadness."Cloud son..You came, this war also started, so Ling Tian!Hope you also work well preparation and accept to connect down the ruthlessness reality that will appear.."The Pu that the sunlight remains shines on the earth and just imitate a Buddha one silk doesn,t easily realize of Yin is cooling off be secretly delivering, wear the crisis of one silk is imitating Buddha is approaching that common youth.........The sky is clear, sunlight again the Pu shine on the earth, the socalled current affairs is impermanent, the weather is also such, just returned strong breeze chilly, now but suddenly become fair, who all unexpectatively change will thus of big, Q big of campus now spread all over the student cheap nfl jerseys of return stroll, several to the small lovers of campuses also slowly appear a romantic location in the campus, also at just, sky still have no the time of th

You severals all want to work well to prepare to greet combat

active cheap nfl jerseys facing the green Zhi stretched out a hand, that woman tiny smile way:"Green Zhi how are you, I am the Wan son that just condescended to come to this world!"See Wan son a dynasty the green Zhi stretch out a hand, Huang Zhen didn,t take pleasure in and asked a way:"Wan son!How do you send goodwill gestures with this refrigerator on your own initiative?"If the Wan son to Huang Zhen Shi expression of eyes, only heard a yellow earthquake, the green Zhi unexpectedly smiled and connected down, and the green Zhi lightly held the hand of Wan son and lightly said:"Wan son miss, you are very quick and then can change your host who dislikes.""You say what!"Face challenging of green Zhi, the big fellow Lun prepares an attack since the fist!But in this time a voice call lived big fellow:"Huang Zhen!Green Zhi!You stop."Heard this voice, the big fellow and green Zhi that are called a yellow earthquake together and certainly lived a body form, then turned the direction of overdo facing voice together, Huang Zhen Dan is knee kneels ground and politely says:"Adult!"But the green Zhi remain just quietly stand, but no longer talk, but from voice of slowly came out a group of persons in direction, the this group is both male and female, only and almost with form couples generally, men and women NBA Jerseys is proportion is basic to is equilibrium.But that spreading of voice be therein clipped by the this group pack.Because of dark cause there is no face that way sees that"adult".That voice saw the performance of green Zhi naturally, just but don,t the slightest be offended, he says:"Just I knew to there appear to invoke a method from the variety of the color of the sky, thought necessarily is appear again new awakening.Green Zhi, who is your knowing ?""You don,t know that I how can know."The green Zhi answers a way chillily, in the heart of just green Zhi but had disappointed one silk, hear the answer of green Zhi iciness, but that voice is to the slightest don,t mind, just quietly say:"Now more and more awake to start condescending to come here in the world, you severals all want to work well to prepare to greet combat.Hope you don,t want in the first combat all out of play."Is public in addition to the green Zhi outside and together kneels down to go toward the direction half of voice and nods in response to the way:"BE!Adult!"The green Zhi is just the outside that was tiny to tinily look awry one eye, then turn round to head for a warehouse, this with one

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I call an owner

like*make.The affair is similar to what Zhang Yu thought, indeed as expected didn,t be medium.Zhang Yu sets up for to angrily fall off out 8,500 pieces in the Dou to all say:"Last cent."This kind of crary action makes those people all a bit astounded, however soon responded to come over.Because they once saw a person like this as well, an on tossing ten thousand golds, still go crazy to wildly once see as well than Zhang Yu, however there are no severals just, see Zhang Yu so young to NBA Jerseys just a little and a little bit marvel at him to have so much money.Zhang Yu didn,t realize the taste of others, nfl jerseys cheap but contact ascend 9527:"9527, next time what?""Plum flower."Zhang Yu also not message of reply, directly and all press at plum flower up.(The red peach, plum flower and black peach seal to note is 10,000.The king seals to note is 8,000.Oneself changes indiscriminately.)The others all shake, dark sigh Zhang Yu and be losing.All don,t press plum flower in succession.Come out as a result.It indeed as expected is a plum flower.The cent of Zhang Yu rises a while 25500.A while with interest won 10,005.However Zhang Yu didn,t accept a hand, he had already give°ed the image that he wait money to use to make to go out now."Are what for 9527 next times?""King and red peach."In Zhang Yu Xin a surprised.Wanting the king is on compensating eight, and still send cheap nfl jerseys colourful gold and a red peach.Zhang Yu wants to don,t think as well and directly pressed 5,000 kings.Then say:"Grass.Red peach Lao Tze still have been already earned."Pressed 10,000 red peaches again.This kind of action lets the others all shake head.Also determined oneself viewpoint within heart:This boy is a bedlamite, for money, absolutely is a bedlamite.The others are also this viewpoint.Time shalls arrive soon very much.Come as a result.It is a king."Grass.The luck is so good.Press 5,000 kings to all come.Early know that Lao Tze also presses several hundreds of."The persons of flank all very is surprise."My grass.There are also 5000 colourful golds, day.If again red peach Lao Tze took."There is a wound Ba on a baldheaded face sitting loudly saying in front at Zhang Yu.In the red peach, cursor is plum flower, the black peach converts.Finally stopping down is indeed as expected a red peach.This Zhang Yu won for 65000 centses all of a sudden.Removing is next of 10,005.Still exactly earned 50,000.This under greatly deliver.Zhang Yu interjectioned next cent.The attendant comes over here a to see and have a little difficult of say:"Wait for a second, I call an owner.Money here isn,t enough."".Good."Zhang Yu didn,t also thought of incredibly will so.Is idle, Zhang Yu starts wager again.However he also presses smallly now.Is a several 100 divide for pressing of several 100 centseses.After pressing several pair

Looking at machine up show of 500 cents

this is morning, ordinary people now all at go to work.This kind of wager machine is to unite machine, a set machine can eight people beat together.Zhang Yu sought a personal little corner to take out for 500 pieces of last cents.Looking at machine up show of 500 cents, regrets in heart.This Class is different.Took a look rule.This is easy.Have red peach a compensate two.Plum flower a compensate three.Black peach, a compensate six.Still have is a king, a compensate eight.And come to the time of king also need to send a colourful gold and immediately one is other.In brief and easily understand for these four keys.Zhang Yu tooked a look others wager some what.Also with ordered 100 to divide up.100 cent plum flower.Then slowly wait for a result.Come out as a result.It is a red peach.Lose.100 piece not at.However Zhang Yu didn,t care, because he just tastes to take a shot now.Don,t have connection 9527.Because he wants to result in first an appearance for losing, then a beat back, and is medium big.A win his around ten thousand piece of.Again with pressed 200 cents plum flower.The result is again a red peach.Zhang Yu lost 200 pieces again.Left 200 to divide.Zhang Yu directly presses at plum flower up.This compensates three.If won that this time him to still win 100.The result is to let what people disappoint.It is a red peach again."My grass.How to connect Authentic NFL Jerseys three red peaches?"Flank someone scolded Niang."Yes.My grass.What procedure.If come to red peach again.Lao Tze doesn,t come."Other persons are also not very happy.Zhang Yu took out 1,000 pieces of tops for 1,000 centses again.Pressed 500 centses of plum flower a while.Want to win back all alone.But lose again.It is a black peach.Zhang Yu is inattentive of pressed 500 to divide again of plum flower.Want this time win can also protect an Football Jerseys origin.The result is greatly disappointeds.Incredibly the king of , and still have 5,000 colourful golds.Looking at those press is medium of the person is smiling faces.Zhang Yu doesn,t envy as well.He is waiting for, plum flower, what king send is a plum flower, is also say Zhang Yu in.Have 1,500 to divide again.Looking at for 1,500 centses, Zhang Yu also takes no account of and directly and all press at plum flower up.Mumbling way in:"Grass.Win good.There is kind that come right away plum flower.""Boy thinks that money wanted to went crazy?"The person of flank sees him so crazily, laugh at a way."Yes.I MLB Jerseys am to think that money wanted to go crazy.Wait money to use."Zhang Yu makes the other people think that he is the person whom a moneys like,etc is used to just come to wager.That behind he just