Tuesday, January 4, 2011

But let all smoke people didn

(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win a new net and give or get an electric shock and report according to wave net in Europe, Spain on December 17, December 9, Spanish government again and significantly promotes cigarette retail price, this time promote cigarette markup for the third time since this year, and this time price promotes more a front and twice compares range larger, wrap a cigarette and increase price EUR 0.4 each time, many smoke people can not accept and even has the assistance measure that"public situation smoking ban" policy that the individual smoke people thinks that this is the government for starting practicing on January 1 practices.
According to understand, the beginning of this year and July, this year is cigarette raise in taxes causes cigarette retail price is promoting and has already made the sale quantity that packs smoke of the common brand box descend 36%, but spreads to charge a pipe to sell quantity to surge 71% then.In July, this year after, wrap from here ex- EUR 3.60 of Marlboro cigarette selling price to raise into EUR 3.85, each Chesterfield selling price each time EUR 3.60, L& M each selling price is EUR 3.25, Philip Morris each selling price is EUR 3.10 ……the cigarette of such costliness has already almost arrived all smoke people acceptance ability zero boundaries order, but let all smoke people didn,t thought of of BE, the Christmas eve in 2010, the cigarette price again promotes and even promote range of greatly make all smoke people surprise and cut up rough.

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