Tuesday, January 4, 2011

000 account of person drive marginalization

Weng Duo Er declares that 《get away from poor and integrate into a society plan 》 of EU is formal to start.
Weng Duo Er says:"Reduce a poverty is morals obligation, and is economy demand.When number with 1,000,000 account of person drive marginalization, we need to pay attention to child, youth, emigrant, old man and minority community first."(Source:The Xinhua news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Hou extraordinary talent)
The Xinhua news agency gave or got an electric shock an economic recession this morning and let more American young mans live together with parents.The latest survey suggests that in 18-24-year-old young man in the United States last year, super more than one half became "chewed an old clan".
American Columbia University national poor child researcher in the center investigates and discovers, because of economic recession, work difficult seek etc. reason, 52.8% in 18-24-year-old young man in the United States became "chewed an old clan" last year, but this proportion was 47.3% in 1970.

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