Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This probably makes to become at parents

The researcher discovers that in 2008, 45.5% of the 18-24-year-old young man choose to study, but in 1970 this proportion not enough 30%.
The Reuter is cites a deluxe researcher of center on the 15th tile Ni a kind of insect ·White is words report:"The employment condition being disadvantageous lets the investment study to become having the choice of attraction more to a part of young men.This probably makes to become at parents, in home without the dint alone living of the inevitable choice of young man."
Is opposite with"empty nest comprehensive advertise for" should, the this kind of"chewing is old" phenomenon is called "full nest comprehensive advertise for".
Meanwhile, more American young mans postpone to conclude marriage and set to set up homely time.White says that several decades ago, "the adult expects" with leave parents, house, matrimony and breeding sons and daughters for show a Zhao characteristic, at present, it includes to complete studies, alone living, own a full-time work.Attaining these is more and more difficult, so more and more"the adult expects" of American young man be postponed, "compared with 30 year agos, the kid stays longer on time in parents, house".(Source:The Xinhua news agency)

000 account of person drive marginalization

Weng Duo Er declares that 《get away from poor and integrate into a society plan 》 of EU is formal to start.
Weng Duo Er says:"Reduce a poverty is morals obligation, and is economy demand.When number with 1,000,000 account of person drive marginalization, we need to pay attention to child, youth, emigrant, old man and minority community first."(Source:The Xinhua news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Hou extraordinary talent)
The Xinhua news agency gave or got an electric shock an economic recession this morning and let more American young mans live together with parents.The latest survey suggests that in 18-24-year-old young man in the United States last year, super more than one half became "chewed an old clan".
American Columbia University national poor child researcher in the center investigates and discovers, because of economic recession, work difficult seek etc. reason, 52.8% in 18-24-year-old young man in the United States became "chewed an old clan" last year, but this proportion was 47.3% in 1970.

In the home Be smoking and chatting

Tell a reporter according to some a Chinese people and owner Yins in the bar:"The person whom Spain smokes is so many, the living habit is to take out, have a chat at the bar in the spare time.Now pours well, the government promotes cigarette price, and then stipulates to disallow to smoke in situation like this in the bar, does this not make the customer go to front door to outside smoke?This is big cold sky of of who would like to be foolish at the door, make like this who would like to also come to bar to consume, with it not the ability smoke in the bar, chat, rather buy a few wine in the supermarket, in the home Be smoking and chatting."(Xu Kai)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
The Xinhua news agency Brussels gives or gets an electric shock the member of committee that the European Commission is responsible for an employment and social business on December 16 Weng Duo Er say on the 16th, owing to EU is inshore to still have currently more than 8000 myriad people are placed in narrow circumstances to moderate a social marginalization of quilt, among them quarter is a child, EU set in aftertime to help 2000 myriad people to get away from at least for 10 years poor and integrate into a social development target.This is the first time EU sets to reduce a poor number target.

But this way of doing didn

According to understand, Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs once take"promoting was economic and environmental protection", "guarantee the citizen was healthy" as cigarette markup to look for reason, but this way of doing didn,t acquire the comprehension of Spanish large smoke people.On the contrary, for two years inside the cigarette rise is up to many EUR 1, the smoke people widespreadly thinks the reason that Ministry of Economic Affairs searches completely BE"1 kind for solving an economy decline, filling up public finance loophole but again have no the false performance of effect."
Be worry ground to tell a reporter according to a smoke store owner of Ba Sai is city center:"Now this kind of economic condition, the government still promotes price, and the range is so big, let the cigarette have already become luxury goods.Plus the smoking ban method that will practice right away, say is promote economy, in fact this kind of way of doing absolutely wants to make us unemployed!"

But let all smoke people didn

(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win a new net and give or get an electric shock and report according to wave net in Europe, Spain on December 17, December 9, Spanish government again and significantly promotes cigarette retail price, this time promote cigarette markup for the third time since this year, and this time price promotes more a front and twice compares range larger, wrap a cigarette and increase price EUR 0.4 each time, many smoke people can not accept and even has the assistance measure that"public situation smoking ban" policy that the individual smoke people thinks that this is the government for starting practicing on January 1 practices.
According to understand, the beginning of this year and July, this year is cigarette raise in taxes causes cigarette retail price is promoting and has already made the sale quantity that packs smoke of the common brand box descend 36%, but spreads to charge a pipe to sell quantity to surge 71% then.In July, this year after, wrap from here ex- EUR 3.60 of Marlboro cigarette selling price to raise into EUR 3.85, each Chesterfield selling price each time EUR 3.60, L& M each selling price is EUR 3.25, Philip Morris each selling price is EUR 3.10 ……the cigarette of such costliness has already almost arrived all smoke people acceptance ability zero boundaries order, but let all smoke people didn,t thought of of BE, the Christmas eve in 2010, the cigarette price again promotes and even promote range of greatly make all smoke people surprise and cut up rough.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The local head greatly believes in a merchandise electronics to trade realm three square research paper-《greatly believe in the merchandise electronics research paper in the bargain market in 2010 》 formally release

(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
Medium new net Hangzhou give or get an electric shock(reporter firewood Yan thin Wang En Min) a reporter to understand today on December 16 and hold on December 15-17 of"greatly believe in development forum in the commodity exchange market in 2010" up, the local head greatly believes in a merchandise electronics to trade realm three square research paper-《greatly believe in the merchandise electronics research paper in the bargain market in 2010 》 formally release.Report suggests, since 2006 China greatly believes in a merchandise electronics to trade a market to present continuously acceleration and the situation of fast fierce development.In 2010 anticipate to trade a sum will have already hoped up to 8-10 dollars.
The report suggests that close December, 2010, China greatly believes in a merchandise electronics to trade the total amount of markets already more than 200.Report from establish time, distribute a region, trade category and traded the actual condition that several angles like way,etcs greatly believe in a merchandise electronics to trade a market to China to carry on analysis.

Fierce with rather think

Is black to receive the narrow circumstances of mountain area to urgently need solution, fierce with rather think, in 25 programmings, nation if can is one black area receiving a mountain slice and reform experiment area, hand poverty experiment definitely and consumedly be advantageous to China to hand poverty the development of the business.
Yunnan is a national minority greatly save, fierce with rather has been handed to Yunnan poverty the investigation research of the work long term, he hands to national minority in Yunnan poverty the work gave high evaluation:"The national minority region hands a poverty to notice the protection to the resources, respect race habit and let private enterprise participation arouse a local economic development, Yunnan all does a good job this 3:00, should be well affirmative."

The central part faces west a department to push forward

Some poor noodles big and poor degree in region in the west are deep, with lend the strength of oneself very difficult solution poor problem.Is fierce to rather think, the nation should is helped poverty elimination in the west with the policy and reforms a finance and tax system in 25 programmings, the cent tax system is already unsuitable for a current circumstance.He says that the west is a region of resources abundance, the resources should have Chang exploitation, not the ability is just resources exportation and stay to the west of is a mineral pit and discard a residue forever.
For hand a poverty problem, fierce to rather say:"My standpoint is to should adopt allied net radiation strategy, not the gradient pushes forward strategy."He says that the nation adopt a gradient to push forward strategy over a long period of time in the past, the east pushes forward to the central part, the central part faces west a department to push forward, the reality is seen, and this way effect isn,t too good.But adoption allied net radiation strategy, be like black receive a slice of Chongqing of area, Chengdu and proper center cities, such as guest, Lu state, Guiyang, Zun righteousness and Kunming...etc. can at national unify the premise of programming under allied become net, set up very black receive of a slice of area poor county City transportation, work well a water conservancy resources development etc., the effect will be better.

Pass by all is to ask person big representative

Correct breeze to do according to the strange set county pair together director introduction, develop democracy to review an argument government already and popular a breeze activity for several years towards producing with crowd living closely-related section, but pass net up measure to review still first.Pass by all is to ask person big representative, the representative of the Chinese People is Political Consultative Conference and crowd to measure to review, definitely limit sex;Measure to review on the net be three review the style construction and concrete behavior of unit Be placed to sunlight bottom, to three review adjudicating of unit style the power hand over to crowd and urge each section of all levels change style, lift high performance.
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
People net Zhao give or get an electric shock(Kang quiet Xu Yuan Feng) "I appeal that the nation is greatly developing process in the whole lately a west, to western policy with special set, first is reform finance and tax system" on December 16, the north greatly teaches fierce with rather mean while accepting medium interview, he is a Yunnan Zhao on the 16th"the third poor region in China can keep on to develop a strategic forum" for holding up say this time words.