Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I call an owner

like*make.The affair is similar to what Zhang Yu thought, indeed as expected didn,t be medium.Zhang Yu sets up for to angrily fall off out 8,500 pieces in the Dou to all say:"Last cent."This kind of crary action makes those people all a bit astounded, however soon responded to come over.Because they once saw a person like this as well, an on tossing ten thousand golds, still go crazy to wildly once see as well than Zhang Yu, however there are no severals just, see Zhang Yu so young to NBA Jerseys just a little and a little bit marvel at him to have so much money.Zhang Yu didn,t realize the taste of others, nfl jerseys cheap but contact ascend 9527:"9527, next time what?""Plum flower."Zhang Yu also not message of reply, directly and all press at plum flower up.(The red peach, plum flower and black peach seal to note is 10,000.The king seals to note is 8,000.Oneself changes indiscriminately.)The others all shake, dark sigh Zhang Yu and be losing.All don,t press plum flower in succession.Come out as a result.It indeed as expected is a plum flower.The cent of Zhang Yu rises a while 25500.A while with interest won 10,005.However Zhang Yu didn,t accept a hand, he had already give°ed the image that he wait money to use to make to go out now."Are what for 9527 next times?""King and red peach."In Zhang Yu Xin a surprised.Wanting the king is on compensating eight, and still send cheap nfl jerseys colourful gold and a red peach.Zhang Yu wants to don,t think as well and directly pressed 5,000 kings.Then say:"Grass.Red peach Lao Tze still have been already earned."Pressed 10,000 red peaches again.This kind of action lets the others all shake head.Also determined oneself viewpoint within heart:This boy is a bedlamite, for money, absolutely is a bedlamite.The others are also this viewpoint.Time shalls arrive soon very much.Come as a result.It is a king."Grass.The luck is so good.Press 5,000 kings to all come.Early know that Lao Tze also presses several hundreds of."The persons of flank all very is surprise."My grass.There are also 5000 colourful golds, day.If again red peach Lao Tze took."There is a wound Ba on a baldheaded face sitting loudly saying in front at Zhang Yu.In the red peach, cursor is plum flower, the black peach converts.Finally stopping down is indeed as expected a red peach.This Zhang Yu won for 65000 centses all of a sudden.Removing is next of 10,005.Still exactly earned 50,000.This under greatly deliver.Zhang Yu interjectioned next cent.The attendant comes over here a to see and have a little difficult of say:"Wait for a second, I call an owner.Money here isn,t enough."".Good."Zhang Yu didn,t also thought of incredibly will so.Is idle, Zhang Yu starts wager again.However he also presses smallly now.Is a several 100 divide for pressing of several 100 centseses.After pressing several pair

Looking at machine up show of 500 cents

this is morning, ordinary people now all at go to work.This kind of wager machine is to unite machine, a set machine can eight people beat together.Zhang Yu sought a personal little corner to take out for 500 pieces of last cents.Looking at machine up show of 500 cents, regrets in heart.This Class is different.Took a look rule.This is easy.Have red peach a compensate two.Plum flower a compensate three.Black peach, a compensate six.Still have is a king, a compensate eight.And come to the time of king also need to send a colourful gold and immediately one is other.In brief and easily understand for these four keys.Zhang Yu tooked a look others wager some what.Also with ordered 100 to divide up.100 cent plum flower.Then slowly wait for a result.Come out as a result.It is a red peach.Lose.100 piece not at.However Zhang Yu didn,t care, because he just tastes to take a shot now.Don,t have connection 9527.Because he wants to result in first an appearance for losing, then a beat back, and is medium big.A win his around ten thousand piece of.Again with pressed 200 cents plum flower.The result is again a red peach.Zhang Yu lost 200 pieces again.Left 200 to divide.Zhang Yu directly presses at plum flower up.This compensates three.If won that this time him to still win 100.The result is to let what people disappoint.It is a red peach again."My grass.How to connect Authentic NFL Jerseys three red peaches?"Flank someone scolded Niang."Yes.My grass.What procedure.If come to red peach again.Lao Tze doesn,t come."Other persons are also not very happy.Zhang Yu took out 1,000 pieces of tops for 1,000 centses again.Pressed 500 centses of plum flower a while.Want to win back all alone.But lose again.It is a black peach.Zhang Yu is inattentive of pressed 500 to divide again of plum flower.Want this time win can also protect an Football Jerseys origin.The result is greatly disappointeds.Incredibly the king of , and still have 5,000 colourful golds.Looking at those press is medium of the person is smiling faces.Zhang Yu doesn,t envy as well.He is waiting for, plum flower, what king send is a plum flower, is also say Zhang Yu in.Have 1,500 to divide again.Looking at for 1,500 centses, Zhang Yu also takes no account of and directly and all press at plum flower up.Mumbling way in:"Grass.Win good.There is kind that come right away plum flower.""Boy thinks that money wanted to went crazy?"The person of flank sees him so crazily, laugh at a way."Yes.I MLB Jerseys am to think that money wanted to go crazy.Wait money to use."Zhang Yu makes the other people think that he is the person whom a moneys like,etc is used to just come to wager.That behind he just